"Paintings bring colour, joy, depth, amazement, fascination, astonishment, shake things up, remind, calm, enchant - depending on the situation. I am grateful that I am able to create exactly this with my gifts and talents.
The most beautiful thing is to experience when people find "their" picture or when I am allowed to paint and create it especially for them. This joy and enthusiasm when they see "their" picture, understand it, feel it, take it into their hearts - that is what I paint for!"


artist statement

Since autumn 2016 I paint self­taught, mainly with acrylic colours, and am working as a freelance artist since summer 2020.

The impulse to paint again, I had during a meditation. Putting this impulse into action, to paint and create art, so I follow the call of my heart!


My motivation here is the joy: the joy of the colours, the joy of the process of creation, the joy of accompanying the new work as it develops and how it evolves with eyery colour and with every brushstroke.

My concern as an artist is to share this joy with viewers.
All my artworks are created intuitively, without pre­drawing or rehearsal, because in my experience the energy of the first image is the most intense. This means that I do not plan a painting in advance, but let the picture develop itself. I dare to say that I do not actively paint many of my pictures, but the pictures are painted by me. I am not fixed on a style. I paint and create as the current artwork requires.
I draw inspiration from nature, from what I have experienced, seen, felt, thought and meditated on. The focus of my artistic work is about the themes 'power' and 'energy', as well as the power, the effect and the interplay of colours. So it is not surprising that the finished works are characterised in particular by powerful colours and dynamics.
My goal is to captivate viewers through the effect of the works and to create a resonance to the paintings in them. Driven by the idea that in simplicity there is much power, truth and clarity, I consciously refer to simplicity stylistically. For me, this is the key to make my art tangible and to give viewers enough space to find their own access to the artworks.



Enjoy browsing and viewing,



Annika Peißert

49081 Agios Stefanos Avlioton
Kerkyra, Greece

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