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The art studio in Agios Stefanos Avlioton remains open during the winter time for painting & creating by appointment!


Come and use the various possibilites the studio offers to get creative: 

acrylic painting, collages, dotpainting, watercolours, mixed media, layering, structures, expressive painting...

15 €/h incl. materials and paint


Book your creative time here:





painting and creating in my Atelier *send a message for further information or to book your space

I open my bright, friendly studio in Agios Stefanos Avlioton every week for people who want to be creative - alternately for painting and creating in one week and for a workshop in the other. The available utensils and colours (acrylic, watercolour, soft pastels, pastel oil crayons, coloured pencils, acrylic pencils etc.), of course, can be used. A large „painting island“ of tables is available for painting, it offers space for up to 6 people.
Whether you have experience in painting or not - everyone is welcome and by the way... everyone is capable of intuitive painting and creating! I look forward welcoming YOU!

Expressive painting and creating
Expressive, intuitive painting is freeing, joyful and light-hearted, free of one's own or others' expectations of the possible outcome of the creative process. It is about the experience, about the joy of doing, of the colours and of creating.
Whether painting with a brush, with the fingers, with spatulas, spraying, stamping, stencilling, blotting, gluing...everything is allowed.
Since all my paintings are created intuitively, without planning or rehearsal, I have gained a lot of experience with intuitive painting and creating processes over the past years and will be happy to accompany you in your personal painting process.

*15 EUR / hour incl. material for a painting on paper size B4 or comparable (other painting surfaces and formats can be purchased in the studio).

The studio offers every second week space to become creative on a theme and to dedicate oneself to it more intensively. The magic of the workshop is working in a group. Everyone works on their own, but: encouraged by the energy of the other participants, a wonderful space for creativity is created.
Workshop topics are for example: art journaling, meditative mandala, collages, intuitive faces, power animals, illustrating cards, and much more.


Pre-booking for the workshops is appreciated.



 announcement art exhibitions 

art exhibition 24.09. - 30.09.2023
elipfos gallery, Arillas Kerkyra Greece

presenting new artworks winter 22/23 at Bar 38 / 24.-26.03.2023

impressions painting exhibition September 23, Arilllas at Gallery Elpifos 

exhibition place at 1. ION Arts Festival 2022
exhibition place at 1. ION Arts Festival 2022


Annika Peißert

49081 Agios Stefanos Avlioton
Kerkyra, Greece

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