Conditions for Seminars, retreats and Workshops

Registration for a seminar, retreat or workshop with the artist Annika Peissert (hereinafter referred to as "seminar") with painting & creating is made by email to, the booking is finalised after confirmation by the seminar leader.

Your fee is due after registration. You pay by bank transfer after receiving the booking confirmation.

The fee for a seminar with painting & creating includes the seminar fee for the services specified in the seminar or workshop description.

Arrival and departure, transfers, accommodation, overnight stay and catering and other costs on site are booked and paid by you in your name and on your account and are expressly not included.


If you have not paid two weeks after registration, I reserve the right to allocate the seminar place to someone on the waiting list.

A processing fee of €50 will be charged for this.

There will be no refund if you cancel unless I am able to give your place to someone else. A processing fee of €50 will be charged for this and the remaining fee will be refunded to you.

If a place becomes available for the seminar, all people on the waiting list will receive an email and the first person to book the place will get it.


The seminar fee includes the services listed in the seminar description, not included are Costs for travelling to and from the seminar, transfers, flight costs, accommodation, board and lodging costs, other costs on site


The maximum number of participants is 6. However, there is no entitlement to a group event.

The seminars, workshops and retreats are held in English for international participants.


The offer includes materials for use in painting & creating, such as:

Acrylic colours, various types of pencils, pastels, oil pastels, brushes, sponges, stencils, dot-painting, palette knives, stamps, papers for collages and other things, painting surfaces such as paper, painting boards.


You take part in the seminar at your own responsibility and risk and are responsible for your own actions both during and outside the seminar times and also when travelling to and from the seminar. The seminar is not a therapy and cannot replace one.

The seminar organisers are not liable and accept no claims for compensation for damage or soiling to clothing or personal items.

You are only covered for accidents and recovery within the scope of your own accident insurance.

For damages caused by culpable behaviour of the seminar leader or his assistants and which do not consist of injury to life, limb or health, liability is only accepted for gross negligence or intent.


The seminar leader is entitled to cancel the seminar if not enough people have registered or if she is unable to hold the seminar due to illness. In such cases, the fee already paid will be refunded to you. The seminar organiser will not make any further payments.


The venues may not be in the immediate vicinity of your accommodation and there may be walking distances between individual seminar venues. You are responsible for travelling to the venues yourself.

Should individual parts of these terms and conditions be invalid, the others shall nevertheless remain effective and retain their validity.

Annika Peißert

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